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Lynn MacBeth's newest book The Art of Family Mediation: Theory and Practice is now in its 2nd edition and available on Amazon! 

A Foundational Text for Mediation Training

By Lynn E. MacBeth

The Art of Family Mediation, now in its second edition, is a foundational text for the mediation classroom at all levels-- graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate. Expert mediator and trainer Lynn MacBeth explains family mediation theory and technique in a clear and compelling text that blends an overview of the research and literature with her unique insights and experience in the field. To understand the magic of mediation is to understand the mysteries of family dynamics, human communication, emotional processes, and conflict management and intervention. The therapeutic aspects of mediation, together with the legal and ethical fundamentals necessary to practicing family mediation are set forth concisely in one comprehensive source, with consideration given to the laws and practices of multiple U.S. states. Important updates and additions include legal updates, new role plays, new advanced skills, and an expanded history of family mediation. A new chapter The Science of Mediation explains groundbreaking neuroscience research confirming mediation principles that have developed over the last three decades. For students, this book provides an understanding of the evolution of thought, practices, and legislation affecting family mediation. For instructors, an organized approach to the subject with case scenarios, materials, teaching tips, and questions for discussion provides one source for an established course that has endured and evolved over two decades. Professor MacBeth designed and teaches The Art of Mediation at Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a pioneer in the mediation movement, having first received her training from the adherents of O.J. Coogler, the father of family mediation in America. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been a mediator, trainer, and attorney for over thirty years. February 2014, Hardbound, 461 pages

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