Los Angeles Mediator Jerry Lazar Brings Mediation to Reality T.V.

(right:  mediate this??)

Reporter Greg Katz reports in today’s Daily Journal, that Two L.A. Mediators Are Shopping a TV Pilot That Would Showcase Their Art — one of whom is Settle It Now’s friend local mediator and magician Jerry Lazar of the Fight Nicely Blog.  Excerpt below.

Jerry Lazar and Richard Klinger recently have been shopping around a pilot for “The Peacemaker,” a show that would spotlight mediation.

“Its time has really come,” Klinger said.

The idea for the show took shape after a speech Lazar made to the Southern California Mediation Association.

Lazar, a former host and producer for the E! television network, went on his usual rant: “The American public has a glut of judge shows. Why aren’t there any mediation shows?”

After the speech, Klinger, executive producer of the “Jane Fonda’s Workout” video series, approached Lazar and asked whether he had ever tried to put together a mediation television show himself.

They shot the pilot in December.

It opens with a host in suit-and-tie describing the mediation process and explaining that mediation offers a way out of conflict “without the expense and heartache of litigation.”

The host then introduces the case of Javier and Elena, a young couple ending their “green card marriage,” who are at odds over the jewelry and car Javier had given Elena as gifts.

In a conference room, the two hurl insults at each other, much to the chagrin of the mediator between them, who reminds them that “a bad settlement is better than a good judgment any day.”

It doesn’t ease Elena’s mind.

“He makes me out to be nothing but a whore and liar,” she says indignantly.

As the mediation goes on, it emerges that Javier is still living with his mother and that Elena has been cheating on him.

The situation is based on a case Klinger once mediated. Though the disputants in the pilot are actors, if the show makes it to the air, it will feature real-life disputants who will have to waive confidentiality, the producers said. . . . .


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