Learning Made Fun

I love learning. That’s probably pretty apparent. The process itself is pretty fascinating. Right now I’m reading Made to Stick by the Heath brothers. Man, it’s good. Not only that, it’s entertaining. So, I’ve taken that as my challenge. Doubtful Marketer, my free series of tips and advice, will be fun while helping you launch or grow your practice.


My years as a trainer for mediation groups and large companies like Coke taught me that the best learning takes place through stories and personal experiences. No one who has ever heard me yell ‘Put yours hands in the air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care’ forgets the lesson about listening that follows. Some things are tellable, but others you got to discover for yourself.

Helen and Pam

To help us discover how to market easier and efficiently, I’d like to introduce you to Helen and Pam. We’ll follow the chronicles of these two women as they decide what type of practice they want, what market to target and how to get paying clients. I tend to think that as we discuss their trials and successes you’ll get more insight into your own work and practice. We’ll problem-solve together to get Pam and Helen to the next step and beyond.

Your Thoughts

As with everything, we’re in this together. Please take a moment to tell me what you think of all this in the comments. Really. We’re creating something very different and I want you to be a part of it.

I’m enjoying a quick romantic weekend in Schenectady today. Can’t wait to read your thoughts!


Dina Beach Lynch

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