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Huerta Mediation provides mediation and arbitration services for the legal,  human resources, and business communities.  The firm's principal mediator, Lawrence A. Huerta, graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.A. in Economics in 1980, and from the University of Michigan Law School in 1983.  He was admitted to the California Bar in 1983, and has since been admitted to all federal courts in California.   Mr. Huerta worked as a business and commercial litigator at major law firms in Southern California before forming his own business and civil litigation firm in San Diego.  The firm subsequently evolved to a full time mediation and arbitration practice.  

For the past twenty two years, Huerta Mediation has been empowering lawyers and their clients to achieve interest based, efficient resolutions of their employment, commercial, financial services, healthcare, insurance, intellectual property,  and tort cases.  This is achieved through a mediation process which provides parties with an opportunity to be heard and understood, identifies and define risks of litigation, and develops creative, interest based solutions for each case.



Featured Articles 

Seven Steps for Effective Problem Solving in the Workplace
by Tim Hicks
Problem-solving and decision-making. Ask anyone in the workplace if these activities are part of their day and they answer 'Yes!' But how many of us have had training in problem-solving?

This Great Graphic Will Have Mediation Parties Prepared for Success 
by Sue Miglino
This article addresses the use of a tool, a graphic of intermeshed gears, that helps to explain how people in close knit groups interact.

Mediation in a Changing Climate? - From Consensus to Confrontation?
by John Sturrock
It is a privilege to speak here at the Salzburg Global Seminar. I'd like to start with some provocation. Imagine these alternatives to the usual headlines.

Children First in Your Divorce
by Dr. Lynne C. Halem
How to mediate in the best interests of the children.

What Have We Learned about Negotiation from Donald Trump?
by Dean Pruitt
Trump’s behavior in the the Presidency reflects many of his New York negotiation experiences and guidelines, for better and worse.

Mediation in the News

U.S. Women’s Team and Soccer Federation Agree to Mediation in Pay-Equity Suit
Players and their employer agree to begin mediation process after the current World Cup ends

Canada to launch “world first” MedArb
ADR Institute of Canada pushes pioneering role with planned launch of new rules, designation and templates for Med-Arb.

Federal Judge orders parties to mediation over conditions of migrant children detention centers
US Federal District Judge orders the federal government and plaintiffs of a class action suit to mediation to remedy conditions at migrant children detention centers.

From the Talmud
Making peace in mediation by giving others the benefit of the doubt

The Benefits of Preventative Workplace Mediation
Resolving discrimination complaints internally before a charge is filed.

Bracketing in Mediation: When to Use It and Why It Works
Why bracketing works offers a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of negotiation and mediation.

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Huerta Mediation Intoductory Video

Lawrence Huerta presents What Works Well in Mediation webinar to San Diego County Bar 

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Featured Blog Posts

We Can Work It Out / You Can’t Always Get What You Want
by Greg Bond

Letting Go and Forgiving
by John Lande

How Forgiveness Benefits You After The Divorce
by Leyla Balakhane

Best Conditions for Workplace Conflict Resolution: When Can it Work?
by Jeremy Pollack


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