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January 2020

Misconceptions and Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Mediation provides divorcing spouses and separating parents with the opportunity to take control of their future by investing their time and energy in resolving these issues without the necessity of litigation.

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France, Germany, UK Blame Iran for Violating Nuclear Deal, Trigger Mediation

France, Germany, and the UK announced they have triggered a formal dispute resolution process in response to Iranian violations of the 2015 nuclear deal, according to statements released by European diplomats on Jan. 14.

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Mediation ordered in U.D.-Clifton middle school fight

MEDIA COURTHOUSE — Clifton Heights Borough and the Upper Darby School District have agreed to participate in at least five sessions of non-binding mediation to work out their intergovernmental dispute about building a new middle school in the borough.

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‘Windy City Rehab’ host wants homeowner lawsuit dismissed in favor of mediation

Attorneys for “Windy City Rehab” host Alison Victoria Gramenos are asking a Cook County judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by a North Side couple unhappy with their home purchase so the issues can be worked out with a mediator. Gramenos has also expressed interest in buying back the home herself.

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State, in Mediation, Seeks Six Years for Ethiopian Israeli Protester Who Torched Police Car

The state has charged a man who allegedly torched a police vehicle during a protest in July against the shooting death of Ethiopian-Israeli Solomon Teka by an off-duty policeman. In a preliminary mediation hearing, the state said it may seek a six-year prison term, as the defendant had prior convictions.

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Nonprofit view: Don’t wait for a conflict to get out of hand — use mediation

Too often people in conflict believe their conflict has to reach epic proportions before seeking a dispute resolution process such as mediation, or they believe a situation might be too far gone to resolve.

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What Does it Mean to Have “Settlement Authority” at a Mediation?

Local rules implementing alternative dispute resolution procedures typically provide that mediation attendees must have “settlement authority.” But what exactly does that term mean?

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Volunteer mediators help decrease court caseload

Resolving disputes between families, strangers or business professionals is a joy for Cleveland County mediation volunteer Judy Knapp. At the same time, it's a public service that benefits the county's judicial system.

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Christian school, Florida athletic association to explore mediation in prayer dispute
The two sides in a 2016 lawsuit over school prayer will next consider mediation to decide whether religious schools can broadcast prayers over loudspeaker systems during football games or other athletic contests. read more


The Future of Mediation in Trusts and Estates

In this Trusts and Estates law column, C. Raymond Radigan and Lisa Fenech discuss a new mediation initiative that is helping to resolve the logjam within the courts. Practitioners should be aware of this plan, and the ways it may help their clients resolve family disputes in a more efficient manner.

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Texas’ System for Mediation, Arbitration of Medical Billing Disputes Now Available

The Texas Department of Insurance says its Independent Dispute Resolution portal for medical billing disputes went live on January 1.

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China to promote mediation in price dispute settlement

BEIJING, Jan. 6 (Xinhua) -- A guideline has been introduced to promote the role of mediation in settling price-related disputes, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) said Monday.

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Between U.S. and Iran, EU Powers Try Mediation and Pressure to Ease Crisis

LONDON/PARIS/BRUSSELS — Germany, Britain and France are scrambling to keep talks with Iran over its 2015 nuclear agreement alive despite Tehran having all but torn up the deal after the United States killed its top military commander.

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Courts in mediation success

Shanghai courts have cooperated with mediation organizations in the local judicial system, banking and security industries as well as more than 6,400 people's intercession organizations to better handle civil and commercial disputes, the Shanghai High People's Court said on Monday.

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5th District appellate court starting mediation program

CANTON — Judge William Hoffman admitted he and his colleagues used to be skeptical of what practical role mediation could play in civil proceedings in the 5th District Court of Appeals.

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December 2019

What to Do When Your Kids Fight

Sibling conflict is normal, but these mediation techniques will build empathy and help them settle disputes themselves.

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Schools see results by having students mediate conflicts

Two students are in conflict. It could be over a rumor or name calling or a post on social media. They can sit down with school administrators — or one of their fellow classmates can guide them to a resolution. Twenty times last school year, students at Sullivan Middle School chose the latter.

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Mediation and Peace Promotion

The CSS seeks to understand, develop, and promote the appropriate use of mediation in violent political conflict.

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Evangelical elites versus evangelical deplorables: An attempt at mediation

I have no desire to minimize the growing divide that exists between pro-Trump and anti-Trump evangelicals, nor is it my desire here to take sides. Instead, I want to do my best to improve the communication.

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Prosecutor explains mediation for former city clerk, husband accused of stealing from city

KUTTAWA, KY — It was a case that dealt with public money and a public official — resolved in private. Katie Harrison was originally charged with 46 felonies for stealing thousands of dollars from taxpayers as Kuttawa's city clerk.

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Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disabilities Region dispute goes to mediation

MUSCATINE – During a five minute meeting Monday morning, the Muscatine County Supervisors agreed to enter mediation with the Eastern Iowa Mental Health and Disabilities Region to avoid being removed from the group.

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The Divorce Mediation Movement

Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert discuss the pros and cons of mediation over litigation in divorce proceedings, and the impact on the couple going forward.

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Effective implementation of Mediation in India: The way forward

Over the years, mediation has been recognised as the fastest growing method to resolve disputes worldwide.

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New program allows mediation option for Wayne County juveniles charged with certain crimes

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced Monday a new program that will allow youth offenders a chance to seek mediation, rather than prosecution, on their first offense.

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Mediation Gives Good Result: $52M Farmers Insurance Settlement

In a case that shows the value of a good mediator, lawyers for both sides told District Judge Lee Yeakel at a settlement hearing that none of them had experienced another case in their careers with such extensive time dedicated to mediation.

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Making international peace mediation more effective?: A closer look at the rise of mediation support structures in regional organizations

The field of peace mediation has evolved significantly as violent conflicts have become more protracted and difficult to end

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Multiple dimensions of mediation

A good settlement strategy evolves depending on the interplay between different aspects of the dispute, write Shaneen Parikh and Shalaka Patil

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Commission to Add Translators for Mediation After Legislative Report

Just days after a report by legislative analysts called for Virginia to provide translators for mediations, the state Workers' Compensation Commission has obliged.

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'90 Day Fiance': Juliana Breaks Down in Tears After Prenup Mediation With Michael

The 23-year-old Brazilian model was still trying to understand what a prenup is after Sarah -- the ex-wife of her fiance, Michael, a 42-year-old wealthy wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, Connecticut -- awkwardly brought it up out of the blue on last week's episode.

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Wayne County prosecutor announces diversionary program for youth offenders

Youth offenders who commit lesser offenses will have the opportunity to go through mediation under a partnership program announced Monday by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

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UFCW 1518 in mediation with Uber and Lyft tomorrow

VANCOUVER, British Columba, Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The union fighting on behalf of ride hailing drivers in British Columbia will enter mediation with Lyft and Uber at the Labour Relations Board tomorrow.

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Mediator meets with Fargo and airport authority in decades-long dispute

The issue centers around whether airport authority employees are city employees and also about services the city provides to the airport under an agreement. Former U.S. District Magistrate Judge Karen Klein was hired as the mediator in the dispute.

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Mediation Gives Good Result: $52M Farmers Insurance Settlement

In a case that shows the value of a good mediator, lawyers for both sides told District Judge Lee Yeakel at a settlement hearing that none of them had experienced another case in their careers with such extensive time dedicated to mediation.

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Visa Offers 500 Scholarships In Dispute Resolution

American multinational company Visa proposes to fund 500 scholarships to students and workers to offset the cost of training for dispute resolution.

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Mediation Ends with Final Tom Lee Park Design Agreement

Mediation on the design of Tom Lee Park has concluded and the newly designed park will include three large, wide-open fields for festivals, a four-lane Riverside Drive, sports equipment that can be removed, and a design review committee to ensure the agreement remains true. read more

Robots and AI threaten to mediate disputes better than lawyers

Algorithms and big data are entering the often shrouded world of alternative dispute resolution read more

Mediation Begins Between Lawyers for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and Victims of Clergy Abuse

Lawyers representing victims of clergy abuse and those representing the Archdiocese of Santa Fe formally entered mediation last week to try and resolve the hundreds of cases brought against the clergy as part of an archdiocese bankruptcy filing completed earlier this year. read more

Rugby Australia keen for 'sensible' settlement in Folau mediation

Rugby Australia said they hoped to reach a "sensible" settlement as they met on Monday with fallen star Israel Folau in a last-ditch bid to avoid a court trial over his sacking for anti-gay comments. read more

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation: 5 Tips To Make the Process Successful

If you have decided the time is right to mediate, then the incentives are there too. Below are five tips to aid in the effectiveness of the mediation process. read more

BE CANDID! Being forthcoming in mediation submissions eases way to resolution

It’s common knowledge that almost all civil cases are resolved before trial. Often, it is necessary to use a mediator. Thus, the importance of an excellent mediation submission is crucial. read more

Battle over land in Waltham heads to mediation

Waltham and the Trustees of the Stigmatine Fathers this month will seek a mediated settlement of a protracted legal dispute that stands in the way of the city’s efforts to build a new estimated $375 million high school on land formerly owned by the religious order. read more

Conflict Is Frustrating—Here’s How Mediation Could Help

Many of the stories I hear from my clients and students involve some form of work-related conflict. read more

Bankruptcy judge urges mediation between diocese, insurers, creditors

A federal bankruptcy-court judge has urged the Diocese of Rochester, its insurers and creditors to pursue mediation regarding insurers’ obligations to contribute to an estate for the satisfaction of creditor demands in the diocese’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. read more

How to keep the family peace at Christmas

Lawyers, therapists and hostage negotiators explain how to defuse festive conflicts

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Make use of Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme

Tax assessees who have disputes pending in Central Excise or Service Tax can settle those under the Legacy Dispute Resolution Scheme, said M. Periasamy, Joint Commissioner of GST and Central Excise, here on Saturday. read more

HAIKU for mediation

In each of these Haiku, I’ve sought to take one element of mediation . . . but further explanation would defeat the spirit of Haiku. read more

Comparative Data on Mediation Websites continues to be the most visited and most linked mediation website on planet earth!

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Overcoming Impasse in Mediation

This post suggests ways mediators can help parties in mediation move beyond impasse and achieve resolution.

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November 2019

Calcutta HC lays stress on mediation to reduce backlog of cases

With the number of pending litigations before it touching 2.29 lakh, the Calcutta High Court is stressing on alternative dispute redressal mechanism like mediation to reduce the backlog.

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What Does Zealous Representation in Mediation Require?

In the mediation process, the advocate is required to participate with good faith to approximate a win/win outcome. Notwithstanding, there remain significant legal duties that are expected.

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