Springfield College
November 15, 2022
Massachusetts, United States of America
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The Ombudsperson serves as the designed dispute resolution practitioner for the College, acting as an independent, confidential and impartial resource available to all students, staff, and faculty.

Responsibilities include:

Serve as a resource to develop, guide and coordinate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) efforts throughout the college. The Ombudsperson supplements, but does not replace, the College's existing campus and administrative resources for conflict resolution. Rather, the Ombuds will act informally, impartially, and independently as a resource of information, referral, and mediation, respecting the rights of all parties involved.

Maintaining confidentiality, the ombudsperson will reach out to appropriate parties to gather information, set a plan for mediation, and coordinate a mutually agreeable solution between parties.

Identify problems or trends that affect the entire campus or significant part of the community and after a thorough examination of the issue and full understanding of the legal constraints or processes, recommend possible ways to address the concern.

Outreach, education & training to the college community providing opportunities for ADR training for others to use in their own departments. Educating the campus on the role of the Ombudsperson Office. Design and deliver trainings exclusively for managers and high-level administrators.

Maintain the Ombudsperson webpage on the College's website, develop and post relevant education materials and employ other methods to inform the College of the existence and purpose of the Ombudsperson Office.

Maintain active membership in relevant professional associations, such as the International Ombudsman Association, and stay on the leading edge of critical ombud, and other ADR conflict resolution practices.

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