International Conflict Resolution Day and the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators

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eye-close-up.jpgToday is International Conflict Resolution Day, and the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators (ICCM) has annouced its re-launched new and improved website with a host of new functions and exciting opportunities. The new website is at the same URL:

The ICCM now has over 1000 signatures from 41 countries on its Call to Action first presented in October 2006 in Keystone, Colorado at the Consolidating Our Collective Wisdom Conference sponsored by The Keystone Center and I’m honored to have been one of the original signers. Please visit the site, and while you are there, please consider signing the Call to Action.

Indeed, Bill Lincoln, asks us to do more, and he says it well… Here’s Bill’s email to me in full:

Dear Gini,

Today is International Conflict Resolution Day, thus the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators (ICCM) is re-launching a new and improved website with a host of new functions and exciting opportunities. The new website is at the same URL:

Already ICCM has over 1000 signatures from 41 countries. Let’s get thousands more – remember, its free. In order to achieve this goal, ICCM asks you to inform your friends, family, and colleagues about this initiative so that ICCM can continue to increase its numerical support base of members. One easy way to do it is to forward on this e-mail.

ICCM’s goal is not to raise funds, but to create a global community of like-value minded ADR professionals and members of the public to share ideas, and to take initiatives to promote our field at this crucial juncture of the world.

ICCM will be as member content driven and interactive as you make it. ICCM has several new spaces for members to post their concerns, insights, analysis, stories and reportings pertaining to the field of conflict prevention, management, and resolution — particularly negotiation and mediation.

ICCM’s members reside throughout the globe. They work on the community, national and international levels with involvement in a wide range of topics including inter-group relations, community, development, environment, natural resource management, labor-management relations, human rights and war & peace issues. In order that together we can close the gap between military and peace technologies ICCM strives to connect such diversity to create a purposeful synergy; to stimulate cross-sector and cross-cultural fertilization of our profession; and to develop and share “best practices” which will enrich the field.

ICCM will post exclusive articles from its own group of seasoned practitioners from around the world for you to read and comment. Visitors will also be able to vote on polls and post information about relevant events, initiatives and meetings. If you have interesting artwork, cartoons or photos, send those along too. We know you have great ideas as how to expand the scope and enhance the impact of this project, so let us know – okay?

ICCM needs to be a powerful voice in educating the public and convincing policy makers of the benefits of employing good faith interest-based negotiations and mediation. It is up to us as practitioners to promote the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution for addressing potential and actual conflict at all levels. So please begin to make frequent site visits, and send in articles that you want to share.

Thank you for your continued support, interest, and involvement. Sure looking forward to hearing from you.


William F. Lincoln
CRI Executive Director

Seth Kane
CRI Deputy Director for Project Development and Mediation


Gini Nelson

Gini Nelson is a sole practitioner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her practice emphasizes private dispute resolution, including distance dispute resolution, and domestic, bankruptcy and bankruptcy avoidance law. MORE >

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