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Sam Imperati and his associate Devin Howington presented a webinar to CADREThe Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education, on Managing Truth Decay in the Intersection of Logic and Emotion. 

About the webinarClients and parties spin when the law and their emotions collide. This is especially challenging given the erosion of civil discourse and the disengagement of individuals from civic institutions. The ability of participants to make good decisions declines and they often blame others for the situation. Learn practical tips, techniques, and tools from a lawyer and social psychologist, who both mediate. Learn how to counsel folks through the uncertainty, fear, and frustration they experience when they believe the likely outcome is unfair or the process is too long and expensive. Explore their risk tolerance so they can better participate in the usual “settlement dance.” Manage their “cognitive biases” to channel their energies on what is really important. Help them make better decisions and accept wise counsel by truly understanding their underlying values, needs and interests. Teaser: are we obligated to help participants find the truth or just their “truth?” No touchy-feely babble … just straight talk for better results.


Testimonials from Webinar participants:

"This was an outstanding webinar that I found very helpful in my work. ... The message was so scientific on a very emotional topic."

"I really enjoyed this webinar, I feel like it gave me a lot of useful information."

"Wonderful subject."

"This work is excellent for impartial IEP Facilitators as well."

You can view the webinar via the CADRE website, or below:

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