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 Sample Offerings


The following offerings provide the skills necessary to work in today’s fast-paced environment where conflict is prevalent and decisions must be made quickly and cost-effectively. You can mix and match offerings to create  your own unique program. Each presentation will be tailored to your industry, organization, and culture.


OMA Conference 2017 presentation: Conflict Engagement in Today's America


Conflict Resolution: Tips, Tricks, Traps, & Tools

Negotiation Skills for Success

Decision Making: Professional, Public Policy, & Personal

50 Ways to Break an Impasse: Tips, Tricks, Traps, & Tools

Public Policy Disputes: Integrating Mediator Skills

Mediator Humor: Staying Sane and Breaking Impasse

Why Does Anyone Mediate if Mediation Risks Psychological Dissatisfaction, Extra Costs, and Manipulation? Based on Imperati and Maser, 29 Ohio St. J. On Disp. Resol. 223 (2014)

Veils and Cloaks of Ignorance: Under-used Tools for Conflict Resolution, Based on: Anderson, Swanson & Imperati, 30 Ohio St. J. On Disp. Resol. (2014)

Who Owns Mediation? Based on: Mediator Practice Models: The Intersection of Ethics and Stylistic Practices in Mediation, Imperati, 33 Willamette Law Review 703 (1997); If Freud, Jung, Rogers And Beck Were Mediators, Who Would The Parties Pick And What Are The Mediators’ Obligations? Imperati, (43 Idaho L. Rev. 643 (2007); and Reclaiming Mediation: Rebutting Folger and Bush’s Theory, Imperati. Mediate.com’s Futures Project (2015)

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