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Mediation Testimonials


  • Sam Imperati did a nice job of exploring the legal and practical issues of the claim in a realistic, yet non-judgmental way, helping my client feel he was being fair. He also did a nice job of allowing me to counsel my client without interference, and he kept the process moving.


  • This was my first mediation. Sam knew this and was respectful and reasonable. Additionally, his sense of humor was a breath of fresh air.


  • Sam was excellent …  


  • Sam did an excellent job in mediating a case, which was very contentious…


  • My gratitude for your services on Tuesday. Your wit, wisdom and easy nature put me immediately at ease in a very stressful situation. Ultimately putting a stop to further wrangling was priceless. But you already know that. … Again, thanks. It was a pleasure meeting you but, with all due respect, hope to never see you in a professional capacity again.


  • Thank you so much for your skilled delivery of services … Your diligence contributed to an important and very necessary community dialogue. The skills you brought to bear in this process helped bring the strong and divergent views of this group together, your insights and tenacity also allowed the group to achieve the outcome of a thorough and thoughtful report to the community …


Compiled Evaluation Excerpts from Mediation Participants 

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