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Training and Presentations

Conferences, Retreats, Forums and Keynotes    


  • Locally and Nationally
  • Educational and Entertaining
  • On time and within budget
  • Sample clients: bar associations, cities, counties, law firms, law schools, private companies, public agencies, state agencies, and trade associations.
  • Rave reviews


  Training Philosophy   


  • People do not learn when lectured to for hours on end.  Developing skills through practice is very important to adult learners.
  • We emphasize interactive exercises including role-plays, exercises, group dialogue, open forum for questions, as well as lecture punctuated by illustrative “war stories.” 
  • Commercial video presentations are available. We give people experience as well as information to cement their learning into new habits. 
  • The key benefits of ICM trainings are:


            1. Highly acclaimed for practical approach
            2. National reputation for excellence
            3. Dynamic trainers
            4. Clear objectives
            5. Experience in customized program design
            6. Sector experience
            7. Practical workbooks and checklists
            8. Resource list for further learning

Sample Offerings



Sam's video: Breaking Impasse

Webinar: Managing Truth Decay in the Intersection of Logic and Emotion

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