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Imperati Articles and Work Samples


Imperati Articles



  • Why Does Anyone Mediate if Mediation Risks Psychological Dissatisfaction, Extra Costs and Manipulation? Three Theories Reveal Paradoxes Resolved by Mediator Standards of Ethical Practice, 29 Ohio St. Journal of Dispute Resolution (2014). 29 Ohio St. Journal of Dispute Resolution 223 (2014).pdf



  • If Freud, Jung, Rogers and Beck Were Mediators, Who Would the Parties Pick and What Are the Mediator's Obligation, 43 Idaho Law Review 643 (2007). 43 Idaho Law Review 643 (2007).pdf


  • Mediator Practice Models:  The Intersection of Ethics and Stylistic Practices in Mediation* Excerpts. 33 Willamette Law Review 703 (1997). Willamette Law Review Excerpt.pdf 




ICM Work Samples 

  •  This "Sample Decision-Making Tool" was designed for a client in order to quantify the often difficult task of prioritizing the different facets of work. Sample Decision-Making Tool


  • The "Vision 2015 Process Map" was designed with and for a client which was attempting to create a bridge between current projects and projects which might be necessary ten years out. Vision 2015 Process Map



Forms are copyrighted by ICM, and may not be used without permission.  
These samples provide a glance at the work products from some of the many services ICM offers. Please call us with questions about any of these samples.


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