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This was my first mediation. Sam knew this and was respectful and reasonable. Additionally, his sense of humor was a breath of fresh air.

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Thank you for your dedication and professionalism while facilitating my Vehicle Emissions Workgroup. Your patience, hard work and commitment are deeply appreciated by my staff and me. November 30, 2005, Governor Ted Kulongoski

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I thoroughly enjoyed his enthusiasm and energy - Very interactive, great handouts. Audience engagement and small group activities were great. - He is awesome; love how interaction is such a major part of the learning process. Truly feel inspired to do the extra reading. Just loved all the resources provided, definitely my life will not be the same. - Sam is funnier than heck! His humor continually stayed on point with the presentation. - Outstanding, masterful and practical! One of the best training sessions I've ever attended! Compiled Evaluation Exerpts from ICM's Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making: Tips, Tricks, Traps, & Tools for the 2015 Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference

Absolutely, the best and most professional training I’ve every attended. Very useful and practical. Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution 2007

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