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Mediation Training Academy (humor video)

(3/05/13)Chip Rose, Donald T. Saposnek

This tongue in cheek video shows two instructors at "The Mediation Academy" discussing mediation fee arrangements and 12 steps to avoid mediator emotional co-dependency. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.

Mangled Roommate Mediation (humor video)


Brittni and McKay seek help from a roommate mediator, a somewhat directive mediator that, ultimately, has a solution for all.

Andrea Maia

Nanny McPhee’s for Grownups

(3/01/13)Andrea Maia

"There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go. It’s rather sad, really, but there it is."

Chip Rose

The Perfect Mediation (humor video)

(2/27/13)Chip Rose

The Perfect Mediation is a 4 minute video showing how easy mediation can sometimes be. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.

The True Beginning of Mediation (humor video)

(2/25/13)Jim Melamed, Chip Rose, Donald T. Saposnek

The True Beginning of Mediation is an 8 minute tongue-in-cheek documentary tracing mediation's roots to Woodstock. Join Sunshine, A.J. and Jerry the Macrame Mediator for good laughs, and be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University!

Victoria Pynchon

Conversations Leading Lord Grantham to Agreement

(2/22/13)Victoria Pynchon

If you think the 20th century’s teen years look an awful lot like those of the 21st – massive technological change and fault lines breaking open between the one and the 99% – you’re quite right. In the most recent season of the rare PBS hit, Downton Abbey the British aristocracy is reeling from post-World War I modernization.

Susan Yates

Twelve Hours of Conflict

(12/27/12)Susan Yates

For the first hour of conflict, my neutral gave to me a round table with a great view For the second hour of conflict, my neutral gave to me two succinct summaries And a round table with a great view

Alexandria Skinner

Tips for Dealing with Family Conflict During the Holidays

(12/14/12)Alexandria Skinner

Alexandria Skinner has put together a useful list of suggestions for avoiding and neutralizing family conflict during holiday gatherings, roughly framed in terms of the general principles of interest based negotiation.

Michael Scott

Review of "Splitting America: How Politicians, Super PACS and the News Media Mirror High Conflict Divorce

(8/28/12)Michael Scott

Saposnek and Eddy offer an interesting and insightful perspective of the current American political landscape. This book offers a highly descriptive explanation of conflict, easily understood on the micro level of the dynamic between divorcing couples, which is then transposed onto the macro level of our two major political parties that are unable to resolve conflict.

Jay Welsh

The Secret World of Mediation (humor video)

(6/25/12)Jay Welsh

The team at JAMS has finally been able to videotape a mediation to present the mediation process. This video aims to increase transparency of the process and to help clients understand how hard mediators work for them. JAMS promises that this is a real mediation and that all of the participants have agreed to allow this video to be public.

Clare Fowler

Since I heal people, I might as well be a heart surgeon.

(6/25/12)Clare Fowler

One thing that I have noticed from watching Fairly Legal is that Kate Reed is so effective at her job, not just because the skills come naturally to her, but also because she is very comfortable with the process. She doesn't have to waste time thinking about when to consult an expert, what constitutes as legal advice, what is a break of confidentiality, what is an enforceable agreement, and what are the parties real interests. This shows me that she has years of training and practice which, combined with her natural skills, have created a very effective (albeit slightly wacky) mediator.

Aik Kramer

30 Rock and Setting Boundaries

(3/26/12)Aik Kramer

Boundaries are about managing how we interface with one another. They come up when we need space, when someone’s behavior makes us uncomfortable or angry, or when problems from work migrate into your personal life. However, setting boundaries doesn’t always mean ‘taking distance’.

Alex Dukhovny

Emotional Involvement in a Fairly Legal Resolution

(3/16/12)Alex Dukhovny

Emotional involvement is the idea that each party in a conflict has some personal feelings concerning the dispute. As mediators we are taught to remain neutral, thus fundamentally non-emotionally involved. However, the TV series portrays a mediator being so emotional about the disputes she handles that all ethics and dispute resolution practices go out the window. Kate Reed wears many hats, a mediator, a lawyer, a detective and sometimes even a defendant. With her trusty assistant, she is able to not only solve disputes, but as she puts it, “Solve your problems.”

Aik Kramer

Lady Gaga on Trust

(2/06/12)Aik Kramer

Lady Gaga: “Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother f#ck*r’s reflection.” Whether you’re a superstar dealing with a large group of fans or whether you’re a ‘regular’ person in a relationship, trust impacts us all. Trust is the lifeblood of relationships. Without it, friendships would simply have no point, romance would wither away and die… Trust even gives us stability and satisfaction at work. But what is trust exactly? Is it a feeling? A perspective? Can we actually ‘manage’ it?

Hatch Brenner LLP zzzzz

That's Mediation - Video

(1/25/12)Hatch Brenner LLP

A comedic approach to understanding the mediation process by the Hatch Brenner law firm.

Monique McKay

A Christmas Gift for Mediators

(12/12/11)Monique McKay

Monique McKay discusses gift options for mediators. She has put together some unique "peace" ideas, and invites more suggestions.

Vivian Scott

What Oprah Taught Me

(6/05/11)Vivian Scott

There’s been a lot of Oprah talk over the past few weeks as her daytime talk show wraps up after 25 years on the air. Like a lot of people I’ve been watching on and off the entire time and find myself reflecting on how my life is different/better/inspired because of Oprah and her guests.

Vincent Fornias

Weapons of Mass Distraction

(5/16/11)Vincent Fornias

There is a growing body of scientific and historical evidence that humor, or the ability to even temporarily change your emotional landscape, does indeed have dramatic medicinal benefits.

Pete Desrochers

Divorce Humor

(5/06/11)Pete Desrochers

Humor in life is wherever you find it, but divorce mediations aren’t exactly the best venues for humor…or are they?

William E. Hartgering

William Hartgering: Mediation Likeness to Improvisational Theater - Video

(10/31/10)William E. Hartgering

William Hartgering explains the satisfaction he gets out of mediating and seeing parties change throughout the process.

John Kenyon

Mediation Jokes II

(9/08/10)John Kenyon

The last time the author published a list of mediation jokes, there was a bit of an uproar. Is this new list of mediation jokes as funny or controversial?

Jim Melamed

Mediation Moving Forward (1 hr. video)

(6/26/10)Jim Melamed

This one-hour video is of Jim Melamed's plenary presentation to the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution and Utah Law School on "what works in mediation and how the mediation industry can best move forward."

Jay Folberg

Jay Folberg: Negotiation Skillset Observed from PawnBroker Father - Video

(3/29/10)Jay Folberg

Jay Folberg tells of observing his pawn broker father as he bargained with customers. He claims the key to his father's success was figuring out what people's needs were and how to then meet those needs.

Victoria Pynchon

Prejean, Larry King And Hard Facts Making Bad Mediation Confidentiality Law

(11/16/09)Victoria Pynchon

While reading this opinion (or simply this post) think about Carrie Prejean's accusation that Larry King's question to her -- "why did you settle" --was "completely inappropriate" because (presumably) her thought process was protected by mediation confidentiality.

Steve Mehta

Carrie Prejean And Mediation Confidentiality

(11/16/09)Steve Mehta

The saga of Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant for the Miss USA pageant who came out against gay marriage, had a picture of her breasts “accidentally” exposed during a photo shoot, and who sued the Pageant, which then countersued to get back their money for her breast implants, and who then settled the case when a sex tape was discovered of her, is still in the news. But this time, she took on Larry “Inappropriate” King for the ultimate fight about mediation confidentiality.

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