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start a mediation business blogBusiness blogging, once the odd step-cousin of personal blogging and the source of weird looks from fellow mediators when I started in 2002, is all the rage now.

That’s a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because blogs can be powerful mechanisms for building valuable real estate on the web. A bad thing because, like any bandwagon, jumping on just because someone tells you that you should can be a recipe for wasting your time. As I’ve mentioned before, successful blogging takes commitment.

If you’re considering blogging as part of your overall marketing strategy, I have an excellent resource to recommend. Michael Martine of Remarkablogger has made his 80-page ebook, How to Start a Business Blog available for free download to anyone who wants it. You should want it. It’s good.

Michael knows his stuff, writes very well, and makes his knowledge accessible to ordinary folks who don’t have the geek gene. His blog regularly educates me and gives me new ways to think about blogging for business.

Shamelesly, I’ll also mention that Michael’s ebook picks up where my book, Making Mediation Your Day Job, leaves off. So they make a very nice pair! My book teaches you why and how to build conversation with your prospective clients, and Michael’s ebook teaches you how to start a blog to take those conversations effectively online.

When you visit the ebook’s page, you can either read it right on the screen, or download it by clicking on the “How to Start a Business Blog” link beneath the embedded ebook, then clicking the tiny download link.

Oh, and while you’re on Michael’s site, be sure to read How to Add a Blog to a Website. It’s terrific advice and is worth viewing just for the apropos kitchen images alone.


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