Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Experiential Training and Mentoring

May 14 – Forum on Experiential Training and Mentoring
Hosts: Tricia Jones & Forrest (Woody) Mosten

What are the optimal online learning processes for mediation and other ADR processes? How do we best optimize experiential learning in online training for mediation, conflict coaching, and other ADR processes? How do we continue and build learning across professional careers with apprenticeship/internship, mentorship, and reflective practice

Forum Introduction

The future is rich with opportunities to create online learning to deepen our skills and insights after initial online or in-person training in mediation, conflict coaching and related conflict interventions. This Forum focuses on the growth and development of great practice throughout your career as a conflict manager. How can we keep the learning trajectory strong and build the field in the process?

Experts will share current best practices in these learning processes – apprenticeship, mentorship, and effective practice – in a variety of conflict contexts. Collectively we will discuss the challenges and benefits of having these learning processes online and hybrid. Collaboratively, participants will vision what optimal online learning processes can be and how we can create standards of practice to support them.

Forum Video:

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Task Force Introduction Slides as PDF

May 14 Forum Power Point Panel Presentations as PDF

Mentoring and Case Consultation Presentation Slides

Mosten Materials

  • Mosten, Lawyer as Peacemaker: Ethical and Innovative Practice Roles, 43 (3) Family Law Quarterly 489 (2009)
  • Mosten, Institutionalization of Mediation, 42 Family Court Review 292 (2004).
  • Mosten, Using Mediation Stories to Improve the Teaching of Conflict Resolution, 34 Cardozo Law Review 2455 (2013).
  • Mosten, The Future of Mediation: 20 Predictions for 2030, Mediate.com (2015)

Forum Overview

Hosts: Tricia Jones and Woody Mosten

Presenters and Panelists: Daniel Kos, Doug Frenkl, Merri Hanson, Tricia Jones, Michael Lang, Patricia Draves, Susan Terry, Howard Herman, and Norval “John” Settle

Welcome to the Forum and Forum Series – Woody Mosten, Jim Melamed and Tricia Jones

Our Experiences with Experiential Training/Continuing Education – Survey Results – Tricia Jones

Sharing Best Practice Models of Experiential Training, Apprenticeship/Mentoriship, and Reflective Practice in specific areas of the field:

  • Community Mediation (Dan Kos)
  • Legal Education (Doug Frenkl)
  • Federal ADR/Mediation and Conflict Coaching (Merri Hanson)
  • Opening Comments to Reflective Practice and Mentorship Section (Michael Lang)
  • Reflective Practice of Mediators in San Francisco Homelessness Project (Patricia Draves)
  • Mentorship of Family Mediators And Parent Coordinators (Susan Terry)
  • Mentoring in US District Court (Howard Herman)
  • Mentoring in VA Supreme Court Program for Mediator Certification (Norval “John” Settle)

Panel Discussion: Online Learning as a Tool for Transforming Experiential Learning, Mentorship and Reflective Practice (Woody Mosten)

  • What does online learning allow in terms of learning and how can we optimize it?
  • What specific learning needs in your area of practice are particularly enhanced by online opportunities

Break-Out Groups – What is your VISION for optimal online learning processes?

Bringing it Together – Summary of Visioning and Next Step


Forrest (Woody) Mosten

Forrest (Woody) Mosten Forrest (Woody) Mosten has been in private practice as a mediator since 1979 and currently is practicing mediation and collaborative law 100% online serving clients throughout the world. Woody is a founding partner of the Mosten-Guthrie Online Training Academy for Mediators and Collaborative Professionals. He is Adjunct Professor… MORE >


Tricia Jones

Tricia S. Jones is a Full Professor at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA), past President of the Temple University Faculty Senate, and recently served as Vice-President and Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Conflict Management, the nation’s largest professional association for dispute resolution and conflict management specialists.… MORE >

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