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2 Prenuptial Mediators Serving Santa Clara

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Stan L. Bartelmie
In a supportive, confidential framework, Stanley L. Bartelmie guides couples through the legal and financial issues to facilitate the development of their own mutually acceptable Marital Settlement Agreement. Practice includes mediation, arbitration, collaborative practice and facilitation. ... more
21 Prenuptial cases mediated
1011 West Taylor Street
San Jose, CA 95126
Fax: 408-286-4142
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Angela Young
Associate Mediator Associate Mediator
Valiant Virtual Paralegals, LLC
We offer the best Mediation services for Family / Divorce, Workplace, and Property disputes that can make all the difference for you. Our goal is to provide you mediation you need anywhere you live. Any time you need it! So that you can put your affairs in order and be in a position that gives you the best advantage. ... more
15 Prenuptial cases mediated
2150 North First Street
4th Floor
San jose, CA 95118
(800) 208-5217x101
Fax: (866) 214-8353
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