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Kathryn Podrebarac
Practitioner MediatorPractitioner Mediator Practitioner Mediator
I am an experienced mediator of complex commercial disputes, who has completed extensive mediator training at Harvard Law School and Pepperdine's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. For over 25 years, I acted as counsel (for both plaintiffs and defendants) in corporate commercial litigation and class actions and in international and domesti ... more
1246 Yonge St.
Suite 402
Toronto, ON M4T 1W7
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Murray Miskin
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator Senior Mediator
ADR Works
  • Received Mediation training from Osgoode Hall Law School and Christopher W. Moore of Boulder, Colorado
  • Long term Board and Executive Member of ADR Ontario
  • Arbitration and Mediation Instructor since 1985
  • Former Toronto Roster Mediator
  • Chair of CBA National Sections Council 2007-09
  • Member of CBA Board of Directors an ... more
  • Suite 100
    351 Charlotte St.
    Peterborough, ON K9J2W1
    Fax: 705-874-2692
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    Bruce Ally Phd. LLM. OCPM
    Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator Senior Mediator
    I have been mediating since 1985 han have conducted in excess of 3000 mediations. In the last ten years I have added arbitration to my practice. I operate one of the largest private firm of Mediators in Canada. In addition to this I teach and supervise students in the Advanced Mediation program at York University and the small claims court ... more
    28 Real Estate cases mediated
    1 Gloucester Street Suite 102
    Toronto, ON M4Y 1L8
    416 967 9432 x26
    Fax: 416 922 2287
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    National Mediation Provider
    ACCTM American College of Civil Trial Mediators
    The American College of Civil Trial Mediators® is a non-profit organization of dispute resolution professionals who are distinguished by their skill and professional commitment to civil trial mediation. Membership is limited to active mediators, program administrators, and academics who have achieved substantial experience in their field a ... more
    20 North Orange Avenue
    Suite 704
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Fax: 407-843-1996
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