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2 Foreclosure Mediators Serving Newport Beach

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Jeanne M. Jorgensen
Associate Mediator Associate Mediator
Jorgensen Mediation
As an experienced litigator, Jeanne knows first-hand the inadequacies of our legal system for resolving private disputes. Even when a party “wins” in terms of a favorable judgment or outcome, it has also often “lost” in terms of the expenses incurred and the time, energy, and other resources necessarily redirected to the litigation. Mediation is a ... more
19200 Von Karman Ave., 6th Floor
Irvine, CA 92612
Fax: 949-250-3125
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Robert A. Merring
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator Senior Mediator
Merring ADR
All types of business, commercial, intellecutal property, real property, employment, antitrust and securities disputes and ranging from simple breach of contract and collection matters to sophisticated trademark, copyright, trade secrets, business dissolutions and real property conflicts and workouts; to complex antitrust, environmental, securities ... more
10 Foreclosure cases mediated

3489 Windsor Court
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 444-9922
Fax: (714) 444-9944
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