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Susan Sher
Practitioner MediatorPractitioner Mediator Practitioner Mediator
I was a practicing attorney for 28 years and have been mediating full-time for 7 years so I have had ample opportunity to observe conflict. Most conflict arises from our inability or unwillingness to listen to one another; we dig into unproductive positions that simply prolong disagreement. Through empathy and humour, I help parties overcome those ... more
Mailing Address
705 N. State Street, #227
Ukiah, CA
(707) 463-1196
Fax: (707) 462-6258
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Willie Harris
Practitioner MediatorPractitioner Mediator Practitioner Mediator
Alternative Dispute Resolution MA
Alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation give disputing parties a more cost-effective and time-saving approach to resolving their conflicts. Arbitration are different from trials in that instead of a judge or jury, a third-party neutral or arbitrator presides over a conflict. Arbitration usually are binding and the a ... more
400 Divorce (all issues) cases mediated
PO BOX 100
Missouri City, TX 77459
832 232-3760
Fax: 888 380-8449
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