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3 Small Claims Mediators Serving Georgia

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Selena Wingfield
Mediation is a collaborative and confidential process for problem-solving. It empowers the parties to control the outcome of their dispute by allowing them to design an agreement.

In mediation at Bespoke Mediation Group, LLC we use our skills, training, and technology to assist clients in focusing on the solution while maintaining a low-confli ... more

Online, GA 30721
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Yaminah Childress, E.A, J.D.
Senior MediatorSenior MediatorSenior Mediator Senior Mediator
Childress Group LLC
Childress Legal Group offers state-of-the-art civil, domestic, and workplace mediation, arbitration, and negotiations virtually and in person. We specialize in mediating divorce cases involving children, workplace disputes including EEO related matters, and business-related arbitration. With us, our clients don’t settle, they create winning outcome ... more
3980 N. Expy
PO Box 569
Sunny Side, GA 30284
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Jennifer Roberts
Associate Mediator Associate Mediator
Roberts Law & Mediation, LLC
Ms. Roberts is a highly successful and well-respected mediator and attorney having many years of experience handling and deciding disputed issues in complex civil litigation. She is a trusted counselor, legal advisor, and natural communicator. She is an active Member of the Georgia Bar, Registered Arbitrator, Registered Civil Mediator, Licensed ... more
Locations in Peachtree City and Fayetteville, GA

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