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Business mediation can avoid the grind of litigation

As compared to litigation and arbitration, mediation is less expensive and far quicker. Further, mediation can lead to a resolution broader than the issues raised in a particular lawsuit and may even lead to an ongoing business relationship among the parties. read


LIDW19 ends on a high

As London International Disputes Week draws to a close, a commercial courts report highlights London's record year, while organizers are optimistic the inaugural LIDW will be back next year. read


San Antonio and its firefighters union agree to mediation over contract terms

The city and San Antonio’s firefighters union have agreed to continue contract negotiations with assistance from a mediator, avoiding arbitration for now. read


Legal voices in Cork endorse 'alternative dispute resolution'

While litigation will remain the dominant mechanism in resolving disputes, there are now several alternative mechanisms such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation to consider. read


Ontario court deems Uber’s mandatory arbitration clause ‘unconscionable’

The Ontario Court of Appeal has reversed a lower court decision in a proposed class action against Uber. The court determined that the company’s arbitration provision, which sends matters for arbitration to the Netherlands, represents an “unfair bargain” and is “unconscionable.” read


A Glimpse into the Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution in China

The Chinese legal system has matured dramatically in the past 10 years. ADR is also growing, with more than 300 providers doing business in China and arbitration being regularly used. read


Future Of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Under The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement

This article focuses on the investor-state arbitration provisions in Chapter 14 of the USMCA, which represent a significant departure from the investment protections in Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). read


The Singapore Convention: A breakthrough for international trade
Litigation and arbitration can be lengthy and costly, which explains in part why mediation has been gaining in popularity as a method for resolving cross-border commercial disputes. read


Handling a commercial dispute claim

Hilary Messer, a senior associate and specialist in dispute resolution, discusses ways to prevent a UK commercial dispute claim from going to court. read


Bob Buckley: Mediation can be helpful in many cases

Lawyers call it alternative dispute resolution. Many of us who practice in civil litigation consider it an assault on the right to trial by jury. Mediation and arbitration are the primary methods of alternative dispute resolution. Mediations are useful and do not constitute an assault on the constitutional right to trial by jury, but arbitration in many instances is. read


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