DS Consulting

Pinniped Fishery Interaction Task Force

In the fall of 2007, DS Consulting provided extensive planning and facilitation services for NOAA Fisheries as it convened the 'Pinniped Fishery Interaction Task Force'. The Task Force was convened to provide advice to the US Secretary of Commerce about how to respond to a request from the state's of Washington, Oregon and Idaho to allow the lethal take of sea lions that were known to predate on endangered salmon in the Columbia River. The following documents and presentations were made during the 60-day period in which the Task Force met and are maintained here until after the Task Force is reconvened in 2009 or 2010 to review action taken on its recommendations.

Documents and Presentations from Initial Task Force Meeting in Portland, OR on September 4-5, 2007:

Documents Produced between 9/4&5 - 10/9-10, 2007:

Documents produced/finalized at 10/9-10 meeting:

Documents Submitted as part of Final Report 11/5/07: