Do You Love Yourself Enough So No One Dares to Hurt You?

This article is a mantra for those who are navigating difficult conflicts.


Did you know that I didn’t always love myself?

Well, that is true. 

When my boys used to ask me, why do you take it? 

Why don’t you leave?

I didn’t have a good answer.  

I knew I loved my boys.  I knew I was afraid to leave because I could not protect them if I left. 

But, what I didn’t know was that I didn’t love myself enough. 

Once I fell in love with myself, it was a life changer.  

I could not let anyone hurt me anymore. 

That saved me and my boys. 

I wish for my sons and all children to love themselves so much that no one can ever bully them. 

Love yourself so much that you never lower your standards for anyone. 

Love yourself so much that you live the best lifestyle you can.

Love yourself so much that none can make you feel bad about who you are. 

Love yourself so much that you set boundaries that no one crosses. 

Love yourself so much to teach people how to treat you with respect. 

Love yourself so much that there is no question about what you will not accept. 

Love yourself so much that it shows in your smile! 

Love your child so much that you teach them all of the above!!


Veera Mahajan

Veera Mahajan is an inspirational author and speaker. She is a passionate advocate for the eradication of domestic abuse and empowering women. She is an advocate for joyful living through a peaceful dispute resolution. Her book DOMESTIC ABUSE, UNREPORTED CRIME talks about domestic abuse awareness and getting rid of abuse… MORE >

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