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Custom Calculation of Child Support

The following chart and formula may be utilized to assist mediation participants to calculate their own customized child support based upon their own unique circumstances, rather than state averages. Participants may choose to perform such customized calculations either because they desire such a customized result or as a test for the reasonableness of the state's presumed child support obligation. Note that the various bases for rebutting the state calculation of child support are, essentially, based upon this type of customized calculation:


H Net income: ______________ _____ %
W Net income: ______________ _____ %
Combined net income: ______________ 100 %


H personal needs: ________ W personal needs: _______
H costs for children: ________ W costs for children: _______
total costs for children: _________
total personal needs: _________

H obligation for children = H % net income x total costs for children

W obligation for children = W % net income x total costs for children

CS = H total obligation - H costs for children; or W total obligation - W costs for children

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