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10 - Mediating Support Issues

Support arrangements allow the participants to ensure that their children's financial needs are reaonably and fairly met, and also that their own financial needs are equitably addressed.

The federal government now requires that each state have child support guidelines which are presumed to be the correct child support in a state (based upon number of children, income levels, and residency fo child). While these child support guideline standards can be legally rebutted, judges do not generally like to modify the child support guideline amount except for manifest injustice.

What is also true is that these child support guidelines, while they must be considered by divorcing participants, do not need to be controlling. It is quite common that participants come up with more robust and fine-tuned support arrangements than the simple payment of a monthly amount.

The parties also need to consider whether their situation is one that is appropriate for some measure of spouseal support. As spousal support is often the least predictable issue from a legal perspective, it can also be challenging for participants.

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