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Letter Following Initial Meeting

Here is a sample letter following a comprehensive initial introductory session: 

Client 2

Client 1

Re: Mediation

Dear 1 and 2:

I enjoyed meeting with you on ________ for your initial mediation consultation.

As we discussed, it is my request that you complete and return the questionnaire and budget forms I gave to you at our next meeting. Please also provide all of the indicated documentation, including, minimally, tax returns for the past two years; recent pay statements; debt and account statements; any pension plan statements; and all real property ownership, debt and valuation information.

I anticipate that we will begin your next meeting by reviewing and signing the Mediation Retainer Agreement. I will then want to move on to consider some possible "ground rules" for our discussions and the resolution of any pressing issues.

After sharing and reviewing the documentation you have provided, I anticipate that we will begin with each of you describing the agreement that you would like to create. I will also want to hear from each of you as to all issues that you think you may agree on.

[I am enclosing a copy of my letter to your respective legal counsel advising them of our mediation work and clarifying opportunities for their assistance.]

Please call me with any questions that you have. I look forward to seeing you again on __________. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you both.

Very truly yours,


James C. Melamed, J.D.

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