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5 - Getting Started

No two mediations are alike, and no two mediations start exactly alike. Still, there are some interesting common qualities beginning with the fact that most mediations do not begin with a conference call from all participants but, rather, with a communication from one or less than all participants. Immediately, the mediator has substantial ethical and strategic issues to consider.

This Chapter takes us, as mediator, through the begining of a mediation in rough chronologic order.

It may be accurately said that "how a mediation starts is likely how a mediation goes." There are lots of reasons for mediators to be rather exacting of themselves in terms of the beginning of a mediation. A mediation begun well has a greater likelihood of success than a mediation begun poorly, and participants are particularly sensitive to evaluating the mediator during the first portions of a mediation.

This Chapter includes some materials and structures that should assist you to be seen as professional and capable in getting a mediation going.

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