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Overall Facilitative Structure

As an overall chronologic model for mediation facilitation that is suggested by considering "what works" in conflict resolution and negotiation theory, please consider the following:

Informed Consent as to Process
(the process is always negotiable and must be agreed to)

Sharing Perspectives
(separating relational issues from substantive issues; discuss both, just separately)

Remember the Common Ground
(common interests, interdependence and initial points of agreement)

Establish a Problem-Solving Agenda
(questions seeking solutions)

Identify Desired Information and Documentation

Clarify Desired Outcomes, Interests and Positive Intentions

Develop Options
(based upon outcomes, interests and positive intentions; separate from evaluation process)

Select from Options
(Evaluate based upon participant desires, criteria, standards, principle, rationale or rationalization -- and considering personal, procedural and substantive BATNAs)

Integration and Finalization
(Any possible improvement; drafting, review, revision, implementation)

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