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2 - DR Alternatives

The Mediator should not only learn everything possible about mediation, but also about the other dispute resolution alternatives available to participants.

In the event that the parties do not fully settle their matters, it is appropriate that the mediator act as a bit of a process advisor assisting the parties, in an impartial way, to consider their remaining alternatives.

One of the advantages of mediation is that it does not preclude any other dispute resolution alternative.

It is also true that issues may be resolved by "non-mediation" processes "within" a mediation or juxtaposed to a mediation. For example, parties may agree to resolve a business valuation issue by an impartial arbitration but retain their ability to decide and mediate the balance of issues.

The mediator is wise to capably understand alternative processes as these alternatives may assist the mediator and the participants to resolve the hardest issues upon which they are not directly able to agree. 

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