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Property & Debt Division

Legal Context

  • equity states (marital/individual)
  • community property states (community/separate)
5 step approach

  • disclose
  • characterize
  • value
  • determine reimbursements
  • divide
Quantity and Quality Considerations

Identify Desired Outcomes and Criteria

Values and Valuation Dates

Personal Property

  • inventory
  • value
  • higher gets value
  • auction if both want at that price
Marital Home

IRAs, 401Ks and pensions

Bringing the Parties Together

  • money judgments
  • division of proceeds on sale of home
Charting property and debt division


Online Training Manual

Mediating Property & Debts
Community and Equity States
Oregon Equity Standards
California Community Property Standards
Quantity and Quality
Marital Home
Valuation Dates
Establishing Values
Personal Property
Retirement Interests
Bringing It Together

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