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Confidentiality Agreement

This is an Agreement between ________________________, ________________________ as participants and ___________________________, hereinafter "mediator," to enter into confidential mediation discussions regarding: _____________________________.

The participants and the mediator understand and agree to the strict confidentiality of their mediation. Mediation discussions, materials, correspondence, any draft resolutions and any unsigned mediated agreements shall not be admissible in any court proceeding or other contested proceeding. Only an Agreement signed by all parties may be so admissible. The participants further agree to not call the mediator to testify concerning the mediation or to provide any materials from the mediation in any court proceeding between the parties. The mediation is considered by the particpants and the mediator as settlement negotiations.

The parties further agree that any meetings between the mediator and an individual participantin caucus shall be confidential between that party and the mediator, except to the extent that the participant specifically authorizes the mediator to share information in joint mediation sessions.

DATED this ______ day of ___________________________, 19__.






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