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Confirming Client Contact


Dear ______:

Thank you for your interest in my professional mediation and facilitation services. Enclosed is a packet of introductory materials which was developed to familiarize prospective clients with the mediation process and provide information regarding my professional background and practice while maintaining the essential impartial and voluntary aspects of the process.

To fully consider mediation, I encourage you to schedule an initial consultation. The primary purpose of this first meeting is to fully describe the mediation process for both of you and to answer any questions you may have. I would also want to get a sense of your points of agreement and assist you in identifying any issues in need of resolution. No negotiations typically take place during an introductory meeting, although resolution of pressing issues is possible if all parties agree. Commitment to participate in comprehensive mediation negotiations can only take place following the formal introduction described above.

My fee for this first approximately one hour initial consultation is $50. Beyond this introductory hour, I charge a sliding scale rate of between $50 and $90 per hour for my professional time. I request a deposit of the anticipated minimum fee for the entire mediation at the beginning of the second appointment. Mediation appointments are generally scheduled for two hours at approximately two-week intervals. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

With extensive training and experience in mediation and the good fortune of over six years' association with a well-known attorney and mediator, I am able to offer comprehensive marital settlement mediation (parenting, support, property and debt, family business, post-decree modifications, informal and non-traditional partnerships, etc.). My mediation practice also includes other areas such as reconciliation, pre-nuptial, parent-child, stepfamilies, elder care, non profit organizations, and small businesses. As part of my services, a professional memorandum of understanding of your points of agreement is prepared which can be incorporated into your legal filing documents as appropriate.

Overall, I intend mediation to be an efficient, economical, respectful, and positive experience for my clients. I hope you will call with any questions you have or to schedule an initial consultation.

Very truly yours,




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