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Sample Informational Letter to Clients


Client 1

Client 2

Re: Mediation

Dear 2 and 1:

This is to confirm that 2 called inquiring about mediation services. In response, I am enclosing introductory mediation materials for each of you. These include Client Information, a Mediation Retainer Agreement, Standards of Mediation Practice that I subscribe to, and a description of my background.

I also want to confirm that we have scheduled an introductory meeting for Wednesday, ___________, at 9:00 a.m. The purpose of this meeting is to fully describe the mediation process and to answer any questions that you have. I will also want to get a sense of the issues in need of resolution and the type of agreement that each of you would like to create. We can resolve any pressing issues during this first meeting.

The charge for this first meeting will be $100. Beyond this first meeting, I charge $250/hr for my professional time. I generally request a deposit of the minimum amount I anticipate for the entire mediation process, usually $2,000.

Please call me with any questions that you have. As I have not yet spoken with 1, I encourage her to feel free to call me. I look forward to seeing you both.

Very truly yours,




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