DCACR's Past Events

1/20/2010 Brown Bag Event at the US Institute for Peace

11/2/09 Networking and Social Event

5/11/09 Trauma Healing as Practice

12/10/07 Professional Developement: Learning from Mediator Peer Groups

11/1/07 Is Mediator Neutrality Fact or Fiction? - Patrick Chapman

10/18/07 Jerry Barrett - Perspectives on the Field: Evolution of ADR

6/6/07: DC ACR Member Seminar and Networking Event: Structuring Mediation Practices: Three Models

5/11/07: “The Chronic Sources of Workplace Conflict: Strategies for Transformation, Prevention and Renewal" featuring Kenneth Cloke, JD, LLM, PhD & Joan Goldsmith, MA, DhL

4/12/07: Check Your Emotions at the Door? Managing an Emotional Response in the Mediator 

11/15/06: Conflict Management with Inter-Jurisdictional Teams: Results of a Best Practices Study

10/19/06: Celebrate Conflict Resolution Day

6/6/06: ADR Lunchtime Series: Ethical Delimmas

5/24/06: FEMA Mediators: Dealing with Workplace Conflict in a Disaster Zone

5/18/06: ADR Lunchtime Series: Getting Managers to the Table: Myth, Mystery, and Reality

10/25/2005: Bringing Mindfulness to Our Practices as Lawyers and Mediators.

10/18/2005: Professional Development Forum: The Role of Technology in Conflict Resolution and Collaboration.