Our mission is to promote the use of conflict resolution in legal, government, private, academic, and nonprofit institutions in the greater Washington metropolitan area and to educate the public about conflict resolution.

DC ACR serves as a local and regional forum that includes individuals interested in the conflict resolution field. The organization’s regular activities include:

  • sponsoring events with topics on cutting-edge issues in conflict resolution;
  • promoting conflict resolution in the D.C. area;
  • sponsoring annual professional development conferences, seminars or workshops; and
  • responding to general requests for information on conflict resolution.

Membership dues for DC ACR are $25 per year; this does not include membership in the national ACR organization.

The District of Columbia Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (DC ACR) was founded in 1985 as the D.C. Chapter of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (DC SPIDR). As the International Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution changed its name in 2001, so did the local D.C. chapter.