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cooley.jpgJohn W. Cooley, former United States Attorney, Senior Staff Attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and partner in a Chicago law firm, is featured in the current issue of Engaging Conflicts Today. His most recent article at is “The Joke Model Of Creative Thinking.” The article got five stars from Robert Benjamin, who declared about it, “The creativity and quality of thought are obvious.” If you would like a copy of his interview, and are not signed up for the newsletter (which you can do in the sidebar on the right!), email me at with Jack Cooley in the subject line and I’ll email it to you.

Jack’s article highlights the active role the joke or mediation recipient plays in cognitively processing the “punchline” of the joke or mediation, the “new information” that can be funny or cause an “ah ha!” moment, or fall flat on its face.


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