Conflict Haikus

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Hidden Common Ground

intractable feud
beneath positions’ hard crust
interests underlie

either-or, win-lose—
myth of impasse flourishes
false certainty gels

foe plays the partner
dance of conflict, pas de deux

explore why, not what
unblind shrouded driving needs
unlock assumed cuffs

cost of conflict, down
relationship’s value, up…
think outside the box




my career complete
I moved on, hertask remains
firmly planted seed

life's opaque aim called
four decades’ unceased pursuit
fit my inner self

face-to-face talking
issue-focused, without stop
itsprimary task

simpler than most think
nearly magic in effect
just do it, be brave

in fresh loam she thrives
mediationworks dot com
her afterlife bides


Daniel Dana

Holding the Ph.D. in psychology, Dan Dana served for several years as a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Hartford (Connecticut) Graduate School of Business, and has held faculty appointments at Syracuse University and several other institutions. (A former student once called him "Doctor Conflict," and the moniker stuck!) Dan… MORE >

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