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Community Section Editorial

Welcome to the Community Mediation Section! The establishment of
this forum represents another significant step forward for community
dispute resolution. Scott and I are excited to serve as co-editors of
the section, and we hope that it will become a valuable resource for
those active in community mediation and other forms of dispute

The primary goal of the Community Section is to provide a clearinghouse
of timely and insightful materials that are relevant to community
dispute resolution practice. Community dispute resolution encompasses a
wide range of services, and we hope that this forum will reflect the
diversity of those services, and the diversity of viewpoints within the
field. To that end, we seek your suggestions and submissions of
articles, chapters, brochures, reports, or other materials that will be
of use to a broad audience. And once an article is posted, MIRC has
provided a feature that allows readers to add their comments and

Additionally, we hope that this forum can serve as a resource to
broadcast late-breaking news related to community mediation.
Uniform Mediation Act
, the 2000-2001 initiatives
of the National Association for Community Mediation , and the Summer 2000 special
of Mediation Quarterly dedicated to community
mediation are
all important developments for our growing field, and we have
links to each of these.

Like community mediation, this section is a work in progress. We invite
your ideas about how this forum can meet the needs and interests of
community mediation staff, volunteers, clients, and others. Please take
a moment and forward your suggestions to us.


Tim Hedeen

Timothy Hedeen Timothy Hedeen is a researcher, trainer, and professor of dispute resolution at Kennesaw State University, Georgia. He serves on the editorial board of Conflict Resolution Quarterly, as chair of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution’s Community-based and Peer Mediation Committee, and was past chair of the… MORE >

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