Comments: Los Angeles Superior Court Shutters ADR Program

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L Randy     05/07/13
Perfect, John from SF CA, I owe you a debt of gratitude for distilling the essence of the article so elegantly. I would love to trade points of view with you a bit. What do you say we caucus (fancy word for speak privately), because this isn't quite like a regular blog spot. And then maybe, we might report back. You'll find me very easy to locate on-line. I'm looking forward to your email, John. - Randy

John , San Francisco CA   05/07/13
Payment for service
If people are not willing to pay even $1 for the service that you offer then it is not a business, it is a hobby. You are welcome to have any hobby that you want, but do not pretend that you are offering a service of economic value if no one is willing to pay for it.

Susan , Santa Rosa CA   05/07/13
LA closes ADR Programs
As Chair of the ADR Section of the Sonoma County Bar and a member of the Sonoma County Superior Court ADR Committee (and former Angelino), I am stunned and saddened by LA's short-sighted actions. Here in Sonoma, we recognize the value (both financial and emotional)of settling cases early and with sensitivity. Not only is Sonoma continuing to fund mediation, but the mediators get paid by the Court $150 per case. Not much, but at least a recognition that we're providing a valuable service. Several other Northern California courts have also found the funds to continue their ADR programs. I agree with Mr. Drew that the consequences of LA's actions will be felt fast and hard. Unfortunately, it's the public that will pay the highest price in justice delayed. My hope is that the value of mediation will finally be widely recognized as an essential, not "just" alternative, part of the justice system.

Gabriel , Austin TX   05/07/13
What the Future Holds...
Opportunity Awaits the ADR World...awesome article Randy!

Douglas Newton, Orangevale Ca     05/06/13
Fascinating Synopsis
Thanks, Mr. Drew, for providing such an inside-out view of this change and what it might mean for mediators. Your passion for the field shines through this article.