Comments: The Gray Divorce

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Lupe , Sidney NE   11/21/13
Empty Nest
My wife and I have been married 50 years and have known each other for 53 years. We continue to grow TOWARD each other by asking questions. The impression I get from most of the "gray" divorcees is "he/she does not fulfill my expectations..." or some other self-centered comment. Marriage is a partnership that requires work, understanding and patience. Great article.

Naomi , Beverly Hills CA   05/08/13
Great Article
great article!

John , San Francisco CA   05/07/13
You have written an entire article about menopause without ever mentioning the word or hormone replacement therapy. Homo sapiens have existed for 200,000 years but up until the last 100 years most women died before reaching menopause and so there has been no evolutionary adaptation to it. When menopausal women seek divorce the assistance of a mediator to facilitate a divorce agreement reveals almost a complete lack of understanding of either biology or evolution.