Comments: Maximizing Mediation

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Carol , Eugene OR   11/17/03
Absolutely! I couldn't agree more!

Walt Gamble, West Linn OR     06/17/03
Maximization = Best Possible Agreement
I could not agree more with your challenge to facilitate "the best possible agreement." More often than not I see "barely sufficient." The failures are correlated to the relative weakness of one of the parties. This concept of pushing BOTH parties to the top of their games makes the task of empowerment much cleaner.

LaVette Columbo, Portland OR     02/01/02
Maximizing Mediation
I must confess to supporting and furthering the concept of maximizing mediation as written by Jim Melamed. I have not found to date, a divorce mediation that does not benefit from this approach.

Suzi , Arroyo Grande CA   12/29/01
Maximizing Mediation
As a parent of three exceptionally successful grownups, both professionally and personally, including a Ph.d., a financial analyst, and an artist, I could not help but notice the common element of guiding disputants to find their own best solutions through