Comments: Changing of the Tides

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Darlene , New Port Richey fl   10/17/12
I agree almost all of my clients are pro se and they all need help with the forms and the mediation. it is a very fine line we walk for the ULP in also prepairing the paper work

Pamela , Bozeman MT   10/09/12
Pro se parties in mediation
Many of us have already mediated pro se clients for years - the challenge is successfully navigating the UPL shoals (unauthorized practice of law) shoals, whether or not we are lawyers. Key issues include document drafting, preparing child support calculations, providing legal information vs. legal advice, etc. Another is knowing what to charge - do you charge unrepresented clients differently than those with attorneys? How about clients who are represented but who come without their attorneys? Many questions, few easy answers.