Comments: Young Mediators

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Saeed , Accra Gh     09/10/12
Your thoughts resonate in me. Like Anthony said in the earlier comment, young mediators also bring lots of enthusiasm on the table. Keep it up and let's connect as young mediators.

Meena  , Bangalore ka   08/15/12
Nice to know your thoughts. I simply assumed that the mediator have to be a little elder to be taken seriously by the parties. But I think it is the right attitude that one has is going to help.

Anthony  , Leeds UK Ot   08/15/12
Young Mediators
I fully empathize with you on how difficult young mediators find it to make their mark. Here in the UL the average age of lead mediators is nearer 60 than 40 let alone 30. Might I add to your list 'grit enthusiasm and determination' and that might attract the experience you need to make it. Talk the talk and yes think outside the box - but even 59 year old gaffers like me can do that!