Comments: Resolving Disputes Through Employment Mediation

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conrad willy, Honolulu hi     03/21/10
I have been terminated from a job here with the Board of Water supply. One of the supervisors in the chain of command pulled a neat scam, convinceing management that I was an undesirable. They got me terminated using the excuse of un-safe driving and verified by a in house evaluator. Power struggles in an orginazation are very common - here they bypassed any laws of discrimination. Even with the nonsense that they are comeing up with they have been outsmarted by a single power hungry supervisor

Dotty  Heady, LaGrange KY     10/16/02
It is my opinion that when a key employee is mistreated or there is perceived mistreatment, and it is not quickly resolved, then it affects the morale of the company where that employee is quartered. Companies that have no mediation or alternative dispute resolution process in place suffer more than with the initial situation.

Renee Jackson, Aurora Co     06/29/02
Well Defined Issues
This article provides excellent definitions of employment disputes needing resolution. I have been a labor representative for 15 years and I have not seen any greater layout of all the issues placed so simply. Thank you for this article, I believe it will help many along the way.