Comments: Mediation of Family Disputes

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J Diede, Stockton CA     07/18/12
Mediation/Attorney preference to other parent
My experience was that I was not represented. The children's father had an attorney who was friends with the mediator on a personal basis, and they were catching up on family and kids at the beginning of mediation. She was not a neutral party and said clearly that they are not offering to pay anything. He is a large business owner, and the calculations (approx.) were only based on payroll not any cash or bonus amounts. (I also had checks (hard copies)of about $30k alone for one fiscal year of cash checks)His payroll was about $75-80k. 50/50 custody. She bullied me along with the lawyer as I was not represented. I was scared and intimidated as I did not know what to expect. I do not feel in my experience that the mediation was helpful or neutral or offered any kind of agreement that was beneficial to both parties. Is it possible to get copies of the mediation transcript, or noted how they made the determination of support?! I am constantly being bullied by him as he claims the court orders and the law do not apply to him as he has money, which equals power and an attorney so it is his word against mine, and since I have no one to fight for me that he can do what he chooses. I do not know what to do.