Comments: Mediation As Theater And Negotiation As Performance Art

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Katina , Sofia BG   12/19/05
Wonderful and quite true. I'm fortunate to mediate in Bulgaria and to be in love with a director - rising and promising talent. I am blessed with the shared chance to analyze and consider the process in all its art-aspects and to realize the "role play" mission of the mediator. We keep on talking on this issue and finding new lighting points... It is very fruitful :) Wishing you all the best, K(*)

Jacques  Gauvreau, Ottawa ca     04/22/02
Right on... Training, preparation and having a general roadmap of where the process is heading is a pre-requisite. Being in the moment with feeling, intuition and setting the scene for resolution rocks.

Thomas , Grand Forks ND   04/19/02
Wonderful Article, It gives me new insight into what I do and ideas into how to teach mediation skills. On a related note, a joke at our center is that at the end of mediation training we have very good role play actors and just so-so mediators, in light of the article it seems like we're on the right track. Thanks again. Tom