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Julie Denny, 38.000000 NJ   11/29/09
Choosing a Divorce Mediator
Maureen: Any good mediator has references, credentials, etc. and should be more than willing to provide them. While I understand your reasons for being leery of the mediator recommended by your ex-attorney and attorney of soon to be ex-husband, why not meet with him/her or contact by phone and find out what those credentials are. Furthermore, check out those on, as Jim Melamud suggests, and, in addition, go to for another comprehensive list of mediators. If you select one or two others whose credentials appeal to you, contact your husband and tell him you're willing to proceed with mediation, but you want to suggest two acceptable mediators and then let your husband pick one of them. Good luck! Julie Denny, author of Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Jim  , Grants Pass   11/28/09
Finding a Mediator
Greetings, Let me encourage you to search for mediators at Over 1,000 Premium Members comprehensively describe their qualifications, including direct links to references. Jim Melamed, CEO for

Maureen , Albuquerque NM   11/28/09
Divorce Mediator
My former attorney - I had to replace her because she hadn't done anything I asked - recommended a mediator, but because I no longer trust this attorney or my husband's attorney, who also recommended the mediator, I instinctively don't trust the mediator. I haven't met him, but he's not affiliated with any associations having to do with mediation, nor does he have any mediation credentials. My husband is quite rich, as is his family, and my husband was abusive. How can I determine the appropriate mediator, if mediation is even possible, which I don't think it is? Do mediators listed at this site have references I could check? Thanks.

Esther , Wallingford ct   08/03/09
Mediator from Hell
I tried a mediator for our divorce who happened to be an attorney. I expected a neutral person who was there to give us the details of what we had to do and the best way. After a very long term marriage, this was painful and I suspected my husband had a girlfriend. Immediately she started praising my husband for all his accomplishments and told him how much she liked him. Didn't this dummy know that I was there because I do not like my husband very much at this time? She ignited my temper and I told her she was not being neutral and she got mad and told us to leave. She literally gave me nightmares, and I advise people to check around before doing business with one. After the fact, I looked her up on the internet and found out she had a bad reputation.

clare , miami FL   05/29/07
please email a reputable mediator to contact in Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area.

Julie , NY   03/11/05
Finding a Mediator
Wendy: Look here on; go to your Yellow Pages; go to; go to ... there are dozens of places to look for a mediator. And as I said in the article, if you need to travel a distance to get to the mediator you choose, it will be a worthwhile investment. God willing, it will be the only divorce you get. (Assuming that's your reason for seeking a mediator.) Good luck! Julie

Wendy , Granada Hills CA   03/11/05
Need excellent mediator -
Can you please tell me how I can find an excellent mediator in Granada Hills, Northridge, Tarzana, Reseda, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino or Woodland Hills which are little cities near where I live in California? Thanks so much and thank you for the absolutely wonderful article you wrote on mediators.

Jim , Eugene OR   03/08/05
Where to find a mediator
The best place to find a mediator is Locate A Mediator at You might also seek a local mediation association at Best Jim Melamed CEO

Julie Denny, NY   03/08/05
Finding a Mediator in New York State
Thanks for your kind comments on this article. You can look for a mediator by state here on or you can go to website for New York State Council on Divorce Mediation or or Lots of listings. Maybe check them all out and see which names come up most frequently! Good luck! Julie Denny

Maritza , monroe ny   03/08/05
This article was very informative, thank you. This is a very nerve wrecking step to take and this information help a great deal. I am looking for a mediator in or close to my area, please send me any listing or websites that can help me.

Debbie    10/04/04
yes there is a mediator in Joliet area, her email is

Monnie , Joliet IL   04/23/04
divorce mediator
Where can I find a good divorce mediator in the area of joliet

Jon Linden, Warren NJ     08/05/03
Choosing A Divorve Mediator: A Guide
I found Julie's article on a guide to finding a divorce mediator extraordinarily helpful and well thought out. I think her 11 point plan as to how to determine if the mediator is right for you, is quite excellent. I commend her on the article. I hope that not only mediators read it, but also prospective divorce mediation clients. Well Done!