Comments: Receiving Criticism Without Defensiveness

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Gregorio Billikopf, Modesto CA     05/31/12
Party-Directed Mediation
Thanks so much for your kind comments. Indeed, this is a hard thing. Having said that, I have developed a mediation approach where I build in time for coaching individuals in a pre-caucus before the joint session (Party-Directed Mediation). Also, I want to let readers know I have a free video / slide presentation, Responding without defensiveness video. Please Google Party-Directed Mediation or write to me if you cannot find these free resources.

Pamela  , Kathmandu   05/30/12
Nonviolent communication
Excellent article! The challenge in using Rosenberg's methods in mediation work is having sufficient time to introduce the underlying ideas as well as the techniques to help people in conflict communicate better. I have tried incorporating the concepts with a large group with varying success.