Comments: Negotiation Traps

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José Antonio    01/24/02
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Only a Martian can achieve the negotiations skills you describe. No one is that good because our “baggage” is what makes us men. We all carry different crosses, but crosses nonetheless. I, long time ago, invented my own private Martian. This little fellow, product of my imagination, knows nothing of earth, men and their affairs. Once I asked him to draw 200 countries on earth. He went for divisions basing himself on rivers, mountains, seas…He tended to draw them big…to big to make 200 countries. You and I know war has drawn countries. My private Martian is my own way to force myself to look at the world as if I were a complete idiot, new on earth. Then I find myself bearing my own cross, but at least I try to look at myself and my world through the eyes of my Martian friend. Good article